Why Did I Listen To That Man?

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  1. Listen, man, to the soprano sax in “Listen to What the Man Said”
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Listen, man, to the soprano sax in “Listen to What the Man Said”

Speaker 1: Why did the Zodiac quote the villain from what at the time was almost a year-old story. Such as this line-.

But it may have also been literal. The Zodiac maybe a sadist.

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Someone who feels excitement or pleasure from inflicting pain. To learn more about statism, we spoke with criminal psychology professor, Eric Hickey. Speaker 1: Professor Hickey literally wrote the book on serial killers. Eric Hickey: One day I get a phone call from the media, and there was a case of a mass murderer. When they searched his car, they found a couple of books in the backseat of his car. And one of the books was my book on serial murder.

Hickey, how do you feel about the fact that this serial or mass murderer had your book in his car? Eric Hickey: So statism is what we call a paraphilia. Paraphilia meaning that they get sexual arousement and gratification through bizarre imagery, fantasies, and behavior. Like voyeurism, exhibitionism, somnophilia, where you like to watch people sleep. Those are criminal, but nobody gets hurt. You want to be able to do what you want to do. The Zodiac had no problem killing people and making them suffer as he did it.

Speaker 1: Hickey thinks the Zodiac sadism likely extended beyond the killings, to the letters, the puzzles. Eric Hickey: The way he taunted police, there was an element of sadism there. Speaker 1: Jack the Ripper also sent letters to newspapers when he terrorized London in the late s. Her earlobes severed. Eric Hickey: I think that that was something that the Zodiac was trying to attain was that sort of notoriety.

He held the city of San Francisco in fear. It was all his doing, and that would make him feel very powerful. And give him great pleasure in doing it. There was that sort of sadistic approach not just to his victims but also to the general public. Speaker 1: So the Zodiac is likely a sadist, a term name after the Marquis de Sade. A French philosopher and novelist. And as a result the better a man wishes to be served after his death, the more he kills during life.

In all that I have killed will become my slaves. Speaker 1: Had the Zodiac read that passage from the Marquis de Sade or heard about these beliefs somewhere else? His letters were twisted. But the decoded cipher revealed just how truly deranged the Zodiac was. The Zodiac was ramping up. Professor Hickey told us serial killers often intensify their crimes over time. Eric Hickey: There was this evolvement with serial killers that we see. There is a long process. And then he progressed wanted to be with blob dolls and mannequins, and so on and then he progressed from that to dead animals. And then he progressed from there to eviscerating them and then having sex with the corpses, and he started cannibalizing them.

He went down this long, long, dark, dark pathway that each time he did it, his fantasies got more and more evolved. Speaker 1: Like Jeffrey Dahmer, the Zodiac was also beginning to evolve. His codes would become more complex, his letters increasingly bizarre. And his murders more ritualistic and sadistic. Next time, on Monster, the Zodiac Killer.

Speaker 9: Cecelia Shepard And Bryan Hartnell, both in their early 20s were sitting on this knoll of land overlooking part of Lake Berryessa. They thought they were alone, but there was a third man on this knoll. A man who wore a medieval-style executioners hood carried a knife and gun and intended to use them.

Speaker Found this young girl laying on the shoreline here. Jason Hoch is executive producer on behalf of HowStuffWorks. Scott Benjamin provides additional voice talent. Matt Frederick is our host. Original music is by Makeup and Vanity Set. Download the 10 episode season right now. Have questions or comments, email us at monster howstuffworks. Thanks for listening. Zodiac is making threats which now target children. A strange letter arrives at the offices of three Northern California newspapers. Speaker 2: Who is the Zodiac, and where is he?

Speaker 1: 26 days later is when we get the first Zodiac letters.

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Speaker 2: A strange letter arrives at the offices of three Northern California newspapers. Speaker 4: I was not happy to see that I did not get front page coverage. Are you the owner here? Count Zaroff: God made some men kings, some beggars. Me he made a hunter.

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Duffy Jennings: Only for them to learn that he really intends to hunt them like animals. Count Zaroff: Here on my island I hunt the most dangerous game. Count Zaroff: Only after the kill does man know the true ecstasy of love. Speaker This guy is a pathological psycho killer. She convinced her parents to stop eating meat, and got her mom, a well-known opera singer, to agree to stop flying.

In August , Thunberg took her activism public.

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  • Armed with a simple black-and-white sign, she started skipping school to strike in front of the Swedish parliament ahead of elections there. Schoolkids around the world quickly started organizing their own strikes. Last month, organizers estimate some 4 million people mobilized for the Sept. Mass climate protests and marches had already started by the time Thunberg began her strikes. And just two months after they started, a landmark UN report painting the most dire picture yet of climate change was published.

    Bastida started striking in New York in March. This London family did. And I think that has a lot to do with questions of race and racism. I think her whiteness is very much an asset for why the media, why governments, why the UN has been willing to feature her. The environmental movement, overall, has been criticized for being too white for a long time.

    Episode 1: An Unsettling Secret

    Thunberg has tried to share the spotlight. This week, she visited the Standing Rock Indian Reservation to show solidarity with Indigenous activists, and routinely mentions in speeches that those on the front lines of climate change are feeling its effects more acutely than her. We just are thankful that the movement has gotten to where it has needed to be for a long time.

    We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. By identifying those reasons that ring true, you can then work on improving your listening skills, focusing on being aware of those reasons next time you find yourself not listening. Awareness itself is not enough, however. Being there when a person is talking to you can be a very rewarding experience, and often can enhance an existing relationship with friends, family, or your significant other. You take a dualistic position that you are right and the other person is wrong.

    Dualism supports a preoccupation with proving your point of view. You feel sorry for yourself and think that other people are treating you unfairly because they are insensitive and selfish. Listening minimizes becoming a voluntary victim or martyr — a position commonly observed when an individual performs tasks for others without their explicit request or approval.

    33 Breakup Songs That Make Up The Ultimate Heartbreak Playlist

    An individual may be evaluated as dogmatic or stubborn. You are so fearful of criticism that you cannot listen when someone shares anything negative or unacceptable. Instead of listening and evaluating the perceptions of an individual, you prefer to defend yourself. You are uncomfortable with being supervised or given task-related instructions. Without concrete evidence, a position is taken that specific or general others are controlling and domineering; therefore, you must defend yourself. You feel entitled to better treatment from others, and you get frustrated when they do not treat you in a manner that is consistent with your entitlement.

    You want what you want when you want it, and you become confrontational or defiant when you do not get it.